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Young man with Down syndrome wearing a royal blue shirt and headphones stands in a warehouse while working on a tablet.

How one project amplified human capability for millions.

One in four adults in the US has a disability, unemployment is twice as high among people with disabilities and the majority of jobs underutilize skills.

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AI for Good Can Change the World

Global manufacturer Clover Technologies and technology partner Concurrency sought to create a best-in-class warehouse picking experience for Clover. They built a mixed-reality platform using a multi-component scanner, headset, visual and audio input to provide workers instructions on where they should go, when and how. Then, an idea sparked. What if this same technology could assist individuals with cognitive disabilities to do a job they might not otherwise be able to do?

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Testing the Technology

Clover and Concurrency partnered with the Down Syndrome Achievement Center Gigi’s Playhouse to test the technology among individuals with cognitive disabilities. It was a breakthrough moment proving that Microsoft’s AI technologies including Azure Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, SQL and speech and location awareness would forever change employment opportunities for individuals with cognitive disabilities.

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Video of AI in use in warehouse

Amplifying the Impact

The AI for Good solution is available open source so every company can use it to create similar opportunities. Concurrency is also offering a complimentary consulting session to discuss your AI for Good initiatives.

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Ethics of AI

AI can make a significant impact to your business, but how do you ensure doing so in an ethical way? Learn practical guidelines and best practices for the ethics of AI in this video.

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